It's never too early to begin learning financial education

At the Budget Bunch™, we believe that financial education is a key pillar for empowering young minds and setting the stage for a financially confident future. Our club provides a supportive and interactive environment where youth and teens can learn essential money management skills and much more while having fun.

  • Age-based content and programming (K-12)
  • We use financial education as a tool to reinforce and enhance basic literacy skills taught in traditional educational systems.


    • Money Mindset
    • Intro to Personal Finance
    • Needs and Wants
    • Earning and Spending
    • Budgeting & Saving
    • Banking
    • Investing
    • Credit Scores and Credit Cards
    • Student Loan Debt
    • Cyber Protection
    • Cryptocurrencies
    • Critical thinking skills regarding money.   
Budget Bunch Membership

Financial education, nonprofit orgs and alumni organizations let’s discuss collaborative impact initiatives.

Business owners ask us how membership can open us access, awareness and engagement strategies for our members.

Financial institutions lets find ways to work together to financially educate the communities we serve.