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We work with financial education leaders from around the globe to create a diverse platform of valuable education and resources tools to cover  various age groups and subject matters. We use our platform as a special purpose vehicle to raise awareness and provide access to these tools in underserved communities on a local, state, regional, and national level.
This is our F.L.O.C.K (Financial Leaders On Community Knowledge)






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Local Effort

Community Financial Education Pilot Program ('22-'23)

target area: 77088, 77091, 77066

We’re inviting our network of resources to join us in our community initiative to bring financial education tools and resources to underserved communities. We’re collaborating with city, educational, and community leaders in the area to bring the financial education conversation to the forefront of the community. Our diverse network of financial education leaders allows us the ability to serve all demographics, , 

Community Demographics: 77088  77091
| Roughly 70K+ population | 23 Schools (Roughly 13K+ Students) | 4 Community Colleges

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Nationwide Effort

Budget Bunch™ (Class of '23 HS Seniors)

target area: Local | STate | NATIONWIDE

This is a collective effort focused on educating high school students with critical financial fundamental skills to assist in their transition to early adulthood. We hope to use this effort to not only reach the students but educate parents and staff in need of help. 

Credit | Budgeting | Savings | Student Loans | Investing | Careers

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