GET L.O.U.D. for Financial Education
(Lessons On Understanding Dollars)

Join us for an engaging and educating event highlighting financial education awareness month We’re inviting:

  • Financial Educators and Resource Providers
  • Community Leaders and Organizations
  • School Principals and Teachers
  • Parents and Students
  • Area Business Owners
  • Community Residents

Let’s talk about how we’re getting LOUD for financial education in our areas to help raise awareness and access to programming. This event as a springboard to celebrate April awareness month to help normalize the financial education discussion in our schools and communities.

We’re inviting our collaborative partners in the financial education industry to join us in our efforts to bring quality resources and info to schools and communities in need.

Financial Education Community Programming K-12

Acres Homes Pilot Program

tuesday april 2nd, 2024 
 Virtual event

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