Everyone is on the "Get The Bag" movement, but who tells you WHAT to do AFTER you get the bag? #budgetthebag

Let's normalize the financial education conversation in homes, schools, and your community.

A community based collaborative financial education program.

WHY IS IT NEEDED? There’s a critical need to get underserved communities more financially educated across all demographics.

Through our collaborative efforts with local, regional ,and national partners focused on financial education, we bring a wide range of quality resources.
Our FLOCK>>Financial Leaders On Community Knowledge

Our virtual community or in a school or community near you with your help.

Our Demographics


It's never too early to begin planting the seeds for good financial habits.


Critical time to get prepared for the transition to adulthood and more financial freedom.


The time when your knowledge or lack of financial education and responsibility is tested.


Protect and manage your nest eggs and plan thoroughly what happens next.

Community Awareness and Outreach Events

A critical key to the success of our efforts is keeping the community informed. Staying active in schools a and providing information and resources across all demographics.