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One Size

The same is true for sponsorship opportunities. That’s why we customize our efforts to directly align with the needs of your company to achieve your goals.

We stay away from the traditional bronze, silver and gold offers, because it has proven to be really ineffective. We listen to the needs of our sponsors and deliver results around those needs, and their dedicated budgets.

We offer short and long-term sponsorship opportunities based around community financial education. If you think your company would be a good partner for us, take a look at our upcoming events below and complete the short form or schedule a call to get started.

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We offer a wide range of opportunities to serve the custom needs of our dedicated sponsors. We strive to do our part to ensure that our supporters get the best bang for their bucks, in regards to their sponsorship investment.

Monthly local community awareness campaign. A comprehensive online and offline marketing effort to highlight our efforts and resources throughout the targeted community.

2022-2023 | Upcoming Events: Local , Regional, and Nationwide

  • Community Financial Education Townhall Meetings
  • Budget The Bag™ Roundtable TV Series (via Spondulics)
  • Community Financial Education Program
  • School Pilot Program (Seedlyng)
  • L.O.U.D. Lessons On Understanding Dollar$ Campaign and School Tour
  • Hip Hop Fin Fest Volume 2 (Nationwide Financial Education Concert) (Spondulics, PocketsChange,HipHopCU)
  • Budget The Bag™ Financial Educators Summit
  • Budget Bowl Roundtable - ( NFL Players and Student Athletes)
  • March Money Madness - (NBA Players and Student Athletes)

Target Market

Our diverse program allows us to segment our audience based on the scope of the event or programming geographically.
Our core audience is K-12 grade students, parents, and administration on a local ,state, and national level.
Our neighborhood and community programming is directed to underserved communities on a local, state, and national level.
Local business leaders and community stakeholders

Delivery Methods

We plan to use a combination of traditional  and new age marketing strategies to highlight our supporters. Mailers, social ads, e-blasts, social influencers, radio, television, and print.

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